AEO Project – Authorized Economic Operator| Classist

What is Authorized Economic Operator?

The main objective of the Authorized Economic Operator is the security of the logistics chain.

The program called Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is an official certificate issued by the Federal Government to the companies where the management processes meet the requirements relative to risk minimization in international trade transactions demonstrating commitment to the security criteria adopted for logistics chain or tax and customs obligations, according to the certification type.

Thus, we have an important connection among the private legal entities committed to their business development of their businesses while, in contrast, the IRS finds a strategic partner finds a strategic partner that, once it has demonstrated compliance with the requirements and criteria of the OAS Program, will be classified as a low-risk, reliable operator and, therefore, will enjoy the benefits offered by Customs, related to greater agility and predictability in flows of international trade

In order to certify your company in AEO program, the legislation imposes assessment procedure regarding various management aspects of the applicant company. The idea of the Classist is precisely to facilitate to the entrepreneur the understanding of the requirements and of the documents necessary for the formalization of the application of certification.

In addition, Classist provides specialized assistance in management improvements to the companies willing to meet the admissibility requirements issued, and issues periodical diagnoses about the stages to be followed to obtain the certificate.

How does Classist work to implement AEO?

Provides support for:

- Prior evaluation and diagnosis;
- Complete assistance for improvement in the software requirements;
- Consulting the development and follow-up process;
- Follow-up maintenance to be permanently in the program.