SPED Solutions

What is SPED?

SPED is a technological solution that officializes the digital tax and accounting bookkeeping of the corporate systems within a specific and standardized digital format, contributing to the reduction of costs with the storage of documents and also to minimize the charges in the compliance with ancillary obligations, in addition to providing greater security.

Currently, SPED is ha 12 great subprojects:

- Electronic Bill of Lading (CT-e);
- Digital Accounting Assessment (ECD);
- Digital Tax Accounting and Fiscal Assessment (ECF);
- Digital and Tax Assessment (EFD);
- Digital Tax Assessment - Contributions (EFD-Contributions);
- Digital Tax Assessment of Withholdings and Information from the Substituted Social Security Contribution (EFD-Reinf);
- eFinancial;
- eSocial;
- Electronic Manifest of Tax Documents (MDF-e);
- Nota Fiscal de Consumidor Eletrônica (NFC-e);
- Electronic Tax Invoice (NF-e);
- Electronic Services Invoice (NFS-e).

All books and documents issued by the taxpayers are received, validated, certified and stored in electronic format by SPED environment. All information about your company may be audited by inspection and shared among SPED authorized users that have the legal attribution to regulate, standardize, control and inspect the entrepreneurs and business companies.

How can we help?

Grupo Assist has specialized professionals for the correct control and standardization of SPED subprojects and makes them available to the market:

- SPED Consultancy: clarifications for specific doubts and charts;
- Electronic audit with exclusive software developed by Grupo Assist;
- Mapping of the tax and accounting processes extracted from ERPs and Logged-in Systems, with analysis of gaps and their action plan management;
- Review of tax and accounting operations in accordance with law;
- Review and complementation of supplier records;
- Training in Company;
- Framework and review of tax classification for adjustment to SPED per NCM and tax (ICMS, PIS, COFINS, II and II (Import Tax));
- Framework and review of CEST (Tax Substitution Specified Code) for adjustment to SPED (EFD/PIS-COFINS).