Tax and Corporate Planning

The Importance of Tax and Corporate Planning

Taxes are a significant portion of the companies’ turnover, mainly in Brazil where high taxes are charged. In this scenario, tax and corporate planning, with an impact on the financial performance of companies and their competitiveness in the market in their area of activity, is highly relevant.

Thus, minimizing the importance of tax and corporate planning may reduce the competitiveness of the company and even have negative on the impact of the business success once paying higher taxes than the taxes legally permitted or lower taxes the due ones may result in too high taxes in the future.


With the planning developed by Assist, the company’s operations are analyzed broadly and deeply analyzed by specialized professional teams, aiming at reduction of tax burden, use of legal advantage and minimizing fiscal risk.

The following issues are focused:

- Evaluation and diagnosis of the operations;
- Orientation for correcting eventual irregularities
- Verifying legal values eventually used and values unduly paid in the latest five years;
- Orientation for optimizing future procedures;
- Use of tax incentives and special systems;


Assist’s tax planning is developed without adventures, but with security, so that is not a factor representing unjustified worsening of risks for the company.


The recommended measures include unquestionable procedures, accepted by the tax authorities and procedures with fiscal restriction, however supported by decision or reiterated precedents in the administrative or judicial sphere.