Siscomex Data Extraction, Process and Analyses

Siscomex Data Extraction

Grupo Assist has been joining forces to bring innovative solutions to the market in the Foreign Trade area, developing strategies to manage documents. Siscomex data extraction services is recommended for a complete database, enabling directly the companies to analyze information on importation and exportation, thus making easier the audit processes providing agility in the transaction processing, cost reduction, cost improvement, and also improvement in the accuracy of the data and statistic follow-up.

Why making the Siscomex Data Extraction?

It is of great relevance that the company follows up what is being registered in its name in Siscomex, among other reasons so as not to be surprised with the process development, and the application of penalties according to legal requirements considered not fulfilled to eventual changes or rectifications in the registrations. That initiative also enables verification of undue and not recoverable payments. Such data extraction further enables evaluation of the performance of customs agents and logistics service providers.