What is it?

The eSocial is much more than a mere accessory obligation.

Actually, it is control tax system, labor activities, labor statistics system, economic and social security, becoming so complex that it must contain, among other information, admissions, layoffs, overtime, work accidents, information related to the health of the worker, departures from FGTS (Employment Security Fund), INSS (Brazilian National Security Fund) and on services provided by self-employed and other service providers.

In addition, the payroll will have to be presented in the eSocial so as to enable prompt conference/checking of the payments made on each allowance monthly.

For such purpose, the flow of internal information flow will be essential for the correct and quick fulfillment of such obligation, and the company will have to be prepared for the data integration in different sectors.

How can we help?

Grupo Assist has specialized professionals for the correct implementation of eSocial and makes the same available to the market:

- Mapping of scenarios and processes linked to eSocial system
- Validation of the information to be sent electronically
- Crossing of the information sent relative to other accessory obligations
- Consultancy and Advisory in relation to the labor and social security laws related to eSocial
- Monitoring and following up the implementation of the system at the company
- Training and Employee Awareness of the fulfillment of the scheduled deadlines