Classification of Services (NBS)

The importance of the Classification of Services (NBS)

In 2013, the Secretariat of Trade and Services of the Department of Industry, Foreign Trade created the Brazilian Nomenclature of Services, Intangible and other Operations resulting in Variations in the Equity (NBS).

In addition to the proper classification in the Fiscal Classification of Goods (NCM), the companies will consider the enforcement of the registration of services information and other operations by means of a system called SISCOSERV.

The absence of registration and the erroneous registration in SISCOSERV result in fines charged to the company and provided for in specific administrative acts.

Assist provides support to the companies within the scope of NBS and SISCOSERV, as set forth below.

Review of Classification of Services

Review of Classification of Services

New or Routine Demands

Meeting the new demands of the classification of services within the average term of 24 hours.

Outsourced Department of Classification of Services

Outsourcing of the classification procedures, with the implementation of an internal department under ASSIST’s responsibility and supervision, including research and analysis of the service technical data, registration management and solution of divergences

Reports and Opinions

Preparation of Reports and Opinions based on sound technical and legal grounds.