Legal Tax

Legal Tax Assistance

Knowingly fundamental to the optimization of business development, the tax aspects of the Brazilian legal system are an eminent focus of action of our professionals, providing excellence of service both in the consultative scope and in litigation.

Our lawyers have great expertise in consumer protection before administrative bodies and lawsuits, providing the business men full awareness of their rights ensured by Federal Constitution and the whole tax law as well as the confirmation of such rights in precedents in polemic cases.

In addition, in the preventive scope, it is up to us to provide all the necessary support total corporate legal security, through elaborations of tax legal opinions and bulletins, covering all the tax levying hypotheses applicable to each client as well as to possible alternatives of procedures legally set forth in the Brazilian law.


We represent the clients in court and in administrative processes to ensure legal entitlement and the removal of unfavorable measures taken without compliance with the law and precedents.

Taxpayer Protection

Defense, in the judicial and administrative spheres, against notices of infringement, tax assessments, breach of bank secrecy or any tax management in the non fulfillment of constitutional and legal rights

Legal Advice

Consultation service, drafting of opinions, tax newsletters.

Administration of Tax Issues

Performance in the administration of tax pending issues, paying attention to the proper interpretation and application of the tax rules. Search for preventive solutions in several treasury bodies and the National Treasury Attorney's Office.


Assistance to clients in federal, state and city inspection procedures in developing strategies to minimize the assessment risks or succeed in administrative and/or judicial disputes. Assistance and follow up adherence to special or extraordinary division into installments of federal, state or municipal debts.