Labor and Social Security

Labor and Social Security

Grupo Assist dedicates itself diligently to pay the labor and social security charges in view of their high importance in the corporate scope.

The Group acts on a preventive basis, aiming at avoiding lawsuits and enabling the entrepreneurs to understand their rights and duties.

In the litigation sphere, we commit ourselves to dedication and zeal for justice in the defense of individual complaints as well as in collective bargaining agreements with guidance in settlement procedures.

Legal Advice

Guidance based on the labor law to prevent contingences, liabilities and responsabilities in the relationship between employers and employees.

Studies and Opinions

Analyzing employment contracts (including the hiring foreigners), benefit plans, stock option plans, voluntary resignation and compensation plans. Diagnosis and investigation of contingencies and hidden liabilities in the labor area. Review of internal policies.

Labor Litigation

Defense in individual labor claims and in collective bargaining. Administrative and judicial defense against assessments and constrictive actions filed by inspection bodies

Intermediation of Agreements

Subject to the correct interpretation and application of the tax rules, search for preventive solutions in several treasury bodies and at the National Treasury Attorney's Offices