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The SISCOSERV – abbreviation of Integrated System of Foreign Trade Services, Intangible and Other Operations Causing Variations in the Assets no Patrimônio” is a system guided by the Department of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, jointly with the IRS, aims at the conjunction, formulation and stimulation of public policies and business strategies related to foreign trade services, intangible assets.

With Classist, the companies count with the newest in terms of automation of registration and classification of new services, all according to the updates contained in the Brazilian Nomenclature of Services (NBS), as well as its explanatory notes (NEBS). The tool allows access, in a few clicks, to the modules offered by the government system, facilitating and optimizing the time spent in registering for the acquisition or sale of services from abroad, also conferring full legal certainty in dealing with the tax charges incurred.

In addition, Classist has the whole law in force compiled and organized, included in NBS chart and its explanatory notes.

How does the Classist work for implementing the Siscoserv?

Provides support for:

- Reviewing the procedures relative to Siscoserv;
- Automatazing the process for registering new services in Siscoserv;
- Organizing the information in Siscoserv and ensuring tax security;
- Consulting the complete NBS Chart;
- Consulting the complete NBES Chart;