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Classist Ex tariff | BK or BIT

The term “Ex tariff” refers to a tax exemption or to a tariff exception or to a differentiated tax system granted to machine and equipment importers without national similar, identified in the TEC (Common External Tariff) with the abbreviations “BK” (capital assets) and “BIT” (informatics and telecommunications assets), also including certain parts of motor vehicle pieces.

O importador é beneficiado com redução das alíquotas incidentes no Imposto de Importação, que, de até 18%, baixa para 2%, com repercussão de queda na carga tributária de outros tributos, como o IPI e o ICMS, em razão de afetar para baixo o valor aduaneiro.

The importer benefits from a reduction in the tax rates on the Import Tax, which, from up to 18%, falls to 2%, with consequences in the decrease of the tax burden of other taxes, such as Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) and Sales and Services Taxes (ICMS) as a result of reduction in the customs value.

How does Classist work to implement Ex-tariff?

Classist tool is an instrument of high relevance for automation of the procedures to obtain the benefit from the Ex-tariff, quickly and safely as well to follow up the pertinent process and consult the proper law constantly updated.

Provides support for:
- Preparing the claim to obtain benefit;
- Preparing the claim to renew benefit;
- Complete Advisory and Assistance of the law in force;
- Full list of all the ex-tariff legislation in force.