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Classist is a complete tool for optimization and automation of the tax and foreign trade area of your company. Classist is a tool of Qualifying Intelligence and Fiscal Monitoring has the following functionalities: Fiscal Classification of Goods (NCM), Ex Tariff, sales and services tax/tax substitution (ICMS-ST), SISCOSERV and OEA Project. Our tool ensures tax control of the goods transactions made in Brazil and worldwide so that your company keeps growing with more tax security.

Get to know Classist functionalities!

Just with a few clicks you can classify all the products of your company

With Classist, your company can upload all products for tax classification (NCM/ST), ensuring more agility in the process. After receiving the order, our team will analyze the available information, request complementary information, if necessary and adapt the technical description and the define tax classification. After the tax classification of the goods, the company has at its disposal the possibility of permanently monitoring the database to keep it updated and reliable.

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Classist will also provide support to tax exemptions

At any time, you may be requested for evaluation, another claim or consulted regarding the status of the pending processes.

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Certify your company as
Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Your company can be more reliable concerning Foreign Trade and acknowledge globally before the AEO Certification. Classist provides easy understanding of the program and unique features to tailor the company's internal controls according to the requirements for Certification. Our team will analyze all the processes for the diagnosis, evaluation, implementation of improvements, preparation of the process for the certification and monitoring to maintain the conditions for remaining in the program.

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Support in ICMS-ST of all
the federation units

We know that it is not easy to calculate the ICMS-ST of 27 UF's, but it can be done with the Classist tool in a simple, automated and secure way. Support with review, guidance, law consultation, registration of new products, tax calculation and maintenance with permanent update.

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Count on Classist automation process for Siscoserv management.

The tool will organize all the necessary information for the correct registration in SISCOSERV, according to NBS and NEBS (Explanatory Notes of the Brazilian Name of Services) as well as providing maintenance for its permanent update.

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Other benefits of Classist Tool

Support and Training

We know that it is essential for the security of your company to optimize the tax area with the automation of bureaucratic procedures. Manuals and explanatory videos of the system are available to users, who are supported by a multidisciplinary team ready to assist.

Consulting the Law and Files

Easy and quick consulting the law on NCM, a Ex-Tariff and AEO Projects as well as the user’s database.


Classist always puts the security of its customers first, counting on a team of professionals specialized and prepared to guarantee the security of the data. All Classist data is encrypted and protected. Access is restricted to authorized users.

Customers Testimonials


“Classist is a very simple tool, easily understood in terms of use and functionalities, which has been executing and meeting the needs of classification efficiently. I am also pleased with the technical services."

Leandro Marques, Sales Technical Support - LELY


“Classist is an excellent system, and I use it frequently. The system and the technical team meet all my needs. I am pleased with both the system and the team which is amicable, attentive and knowledgeable once the response to the request is made quickly and objectively."

Sidney Kuhar, Clinical Research Logistics Specialist - NOVARTIS


“Classist allows the fiscal classification request very quickly, clearly and objectively, and require a short time to create the requests. I use the system frequently, and I am pleased with the results. I would classify the services as very efficient."

Leila Duarte, Life Cycle Analyst Jr. - NOVARTIS


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