International Taxation and Foreign Trade

International Taxation and Foreign Trade

Study and support to structure investments and develop control tools to align the Brazilian operation with the international law as well as with international law.

Taxation on International Operations

Study of the main aspects of tax law, mainly regarding taxation levying on legal entities and individuals on the investments operations in foreign countries.

Studies on Transfer Pricing

- Study for identifying the best method approach regarding Transfer Pricing, in accordance with the law.
- Advisory about implementing technological solutions developed internally by the company or by an outsourced company.
- Reviewing the method practice regarding Transfer Pricing ascertained by the taxpayer.

Special Systems

Preparing and following up the lawsuits in special systems such as:

- AEO;
- Customs Transit;
- Temporary Admission;
- Drawback Projects;
- Customs Warehouse;
- Industrial Warehouse;
- RECOF (Special Computer Controlled Industrial Warehouse System);
- Temporary Exportation;
- DAD (Warehouse – Distribution Center);
- RECOM (Mercosur Common Nomenclature);
- REPETRO (Special Customs System);
- REPEX (Special Customs System Applied to Oil and Natural Gas Industries).