Benefits of the “Good Law”

How do the tax benefits of the “Good Law” work”?

The benefit set forth in Law No. 11.196/2005 resulted from several tax benefits granted and became known as “Good Law”. The benefit aims at encouraging the companies to conduct Research, Development & Innovation activities and focus on creating a favorable environment for innovation, and thus became a strategic instrument for the development of the country and the companies.

The tax benefits may correspond to up to 200% of the company's R & D expenses, in addition to enabling the deduction of 50% of the IPI levied on equipment, machinery, apparatus and instruments, as well as accessories, spare parts and tools together with such goods, destined to research and technological development.

Extent of Services Provided by Assist

- Presentation about the benefit, subject to prior orientation on the concepts, conditions and requirements for fruition, and exposure of example
- Periodical follow-up of all the developed projects of investment in developed technological innovation.
- Preparation of technical reports required for evidencing the investments in technological investment.
- Orientation about the execution of development cooperation contracts;
- Follow-up information on the projects to the Department of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC).
- Reviewing evidentiary documents and accessory obligations required as condition to enjoy the benefits.
- Orientation on the forms of bookkeeping and accounting of the incentives used.
- Demonstration of the used and benefitted values.


Multidisciplinary team composed by lawyers, accountants, engineers and managers for interpreting and applying the law to avoid risks for the company.