Tax Classification of Goods

The Importance of the Tax Classification of Goods

The tax classification of goods and its description according to the rules of NCM/SH (Common Nomenclature of Mercosur based on the Harmonized System) have huge effects in the business life, with impact on the definition of tax burden in customs procedures, with wide range of risks and implications involved as to II, IPI, NVE, LI rates, tariff exceptions, sales and services tax (ICMS), reduction in ICMS calculation basis, differential treatments in PIS (Social Integration Program) and Contribution for Social Security Financing (COFINS). The tax classification also applies as relevant instrument of tax planning in areas of ample scope such as in recurring operations, investments in new products and growth of new plants, in a corporate planning in spin-off and merger transactions.

In the tax classification area, Assist provides, among other ones, the following services:

Na área de classificação fiscal, a Assist realiza, entre outros, os seguintes serviços:

Review of Tax Classification

Reviewing and correcting issues in the technical descriptions and the tax classifications adopted by the company.

New or Daily Demands

Meeting the new demands concerning tax classification of goods within an average term of 24 hours.

Reports and Opinions

Preparing reports and opinions with sound grounds by a multidisciplinary team composed of engineers, lawyers and foreign trade professionals that gather technical qualification and professionals and interpretation of the complex specific legislation.

Monitoring Tax Classification

Monitoring the registration to keep the same updated in relation to the changes in the law.

Outsourced Department of Tax Classification of Goods

Outsourcing of the tax classification of procedures, with the implementation of an internal department under the responsibility and supervision of the team headquartered in Assist, including research and analysis of the product technical data, management registration and solution of disputes before suppliers to addressees of the products and the tax authorities.

Formal Consultation to Internal Revenue Office

Preparation of Consultation Thesis before the Brazilian Internal Revenue Office and following up the process. It is not just about submitting doubt regarding tax classification.The consultation will present a solidly based thesis on the correctness of the classification intended and already evaluated as the correct one by our specialized team.