Other Services

Outsourcing of the Legal Department

We offer the option of outsourcing the company’s legal department to lawyers with high level including the filing and follow-up of the judicial lawsuits and administrative processes in the search for alternatives and solutions for important issues.

Follow-up in Tax Procedures

Follow up procedural steps and audits of the tax authorities to provide support to the company’s professionals in clarifications, justifications and argumentation grounded on the law and precedents.

Tax Consultancy

Preparation of thesis/consultancy before tax administration bodies and follow-up process. It is not only a response to doubt about the procedures, expecting the solution of the proper body, but in fact the presentation of a thesis based on technical data and ample argumentation based on the law and precedents, envisaging the procedure validation considered correct.

The object of the thesis /consultancy refers to the procedure previously analyzed and on whose correction there is firm certainty, based on solid legal grounds, minimizes the risk of the consultant suffering expensive consequences with an unfavorable decision.