Civil Law and Contracts

Civil Law and Contracts | Performance in Brazilian Laws

Civil Law is the core of intersubjective relationships, although involving legal entities. For such purpose, a better assistance in contracts and performance of relevant operations are of utmost importance to execute legal transactions promptly meets the company’s interests.

Within the litigation area, our lawyers are prepared and apt to act before arbitration judgments, commonly elected for the settlement of business disputes and before the Judiciary

Grupo Assist provides support in case of abusive charges from banks, disputes involving contractual obligations, in addition to acting in damages actions and in other claims of the civil sphere.

Analyzis and Contracts

Assistance to domestic and foreign companies directed towards negotiation and execution of contracts in Brazil and abroad, including contracts for purchase of real properties and premises, goods and services, manufacturing and distribution, agency, outsourcing and lease of assets, among others.

Civil Litigation

Within the judicial or arbitration sphere: removing abusive bank collections, damage repair, and settlement of disputes, search and seizure of assets, fulfillment of contract obligations, guarantees and credit instruments.


Assistance to clients in federal, state and city inspection procedures in developing strategies to minimize the assessment risks or succeed in administrative and/or judicial disputes. Assistance and follow up adherence to special or extraordinary division into installments of federal, state or municipal debts.


Assistance and Advisory in corporate matters.