Customs Law and International Trade

Performance in Customs Law and International Trade

The globalized world context has reinforced the importance of international trade, especially concerning competition in the corporate area.

In such competitive scenario the search for legal alternatives has become essential for the reduction of the legal and customs costs and facilitation in commercial relationship with foreign partners.

Aiming at such objectives, it is important to evaluate the adoption of instruments available according to the legislation such as Ex Tariffs, special import and export systems, certification as EOA (Authorized Economic Operator). It is also relevant that preventive measures are evaluated as well as lower impact in relation to administrative and customs rules as the antidumping, import license and NVE (Nomenclature of Customs Value and Statistics).

In the foreign trade area Grupo Assist has great experience in advisory, consultancy, performance in administrative processes and in litigation in addition to giving support to the companies with face-to-face contacts with customs authorities to complement clarifications or reinforcing technical arguments.

Sponsorship of Claims

Performance both in the administrative and judicial areas, aiming at ensuring benefits from Ex tariffs, special systems and other legal advantages.

Administrative Defenses and Judicial Claims

Performance both in the administrative and judicial areas in view of arbitrary acts to withhold goods and in issues regarding tax classification of goods.